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Former hunting lodge in Pražmo

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On the right from the cemetery over the road, there used to stand a wooden hunting lodge of the count Pražma. It was built in 1660. Its real appearance is not known. Although we can imagine how it looked like from the ground plan marked and preserved on the map of Těšín region from 1780 and also its descriptions captured in a local chronicle. Therefore, we can only assume that the lodge had two floors. There were eight rooms, chambers, a kitchen, a tower with chapel and two sheds. Next to it there used to be a kennel and a cold storage for preserving of hunted animals. Apparently, the lodge was founded by František Eusebius the count from Oppersdorf, the son of George from Oppersdorf- the builder of a chapel on Prašivá. There are no facts about the lodge disappearance. Before 1798, when the Pražmas were the owners of the Frýdek dominion, there were rented flats for 5-6 families of the masters' employees and also servants used to live there. The last quote about the lodge dates back to 1804 but on the cadastral map of Pražmo from 1836 this lodge had not been marked already. On the wooden information board, made in the carpentry room of Mr. Bakota, there you can look at a probable layout of the lodge in the past.


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